Tuesday, 17 August 2010

"I arrest you for assaulting a Transsexual......with a bucket of water!"

A little over a week ago I was informally cautioned by the Police.
For threatening a Transsexual.
With a bucket of water.
Not a lot of people can say that!(I bloody hope not, anyway!).
Now before I get a welter of criticism from Gays, Lesbians and other genders I'd just like to say I love you all. Everybody. My faith tells me I must love every inhabitant of this beautiful You-niverse, and I try my best.
But it's really hard when that inhabitant is beating on the wall below your bedroom window.
With a sledgehammer.
My neighbour incessantly DIY's morning, noon and night, and has done so for some 32 months.
The sledgehammering was simply the last straw.

Before we mire further, I must say the young Cop who visited me was most affable, nay sympathetic to my problem. But I have to ask, whilst the pounds possibly kilos of drugs were being dealt on the streets in my town, whilst older people are being made to feel scared in their own homes by teenage thugs, and whilst our politicians are engaged in all manner of corruptions, may I suggest this nice young man's time could have been better spent elsewhere?
Not to mention the actual cost of this visit......

English society is not what it was, or should I say the rules and regulations that govern our aren't what they were. And neither are the Christian morals that were once guidelines for a decent society.
I do firmly believe if anyone should like to have their gender modified, then please be my guest, but be sure and pay the £20,000 bill for your op cos there ain't any money in the already over stretched NHS coffers to do so, and frankly there's a million and one other more pressing problems that need financing. When people are being told they can't have Cancer drugs because the NHS can't afford it I believe one has to question one's priorities.
And please, don't tell me this behavior is normal, because it isn't. And I should like to ask anyone reading this, please think long and hard before setting the ball rolling to have your gender modified. Because if you think having your body surgically changed will make your head change, you're sadly mistaken. My neighbour has always been a very unhappy soul, and guess what? having his penis cut off hasn't made him any happier, if anything it's made him worse. And the 3 cars(One a £20,000 sports car!)the Transit van, the Microlite aircraft, the caravan, the 2 trailers, the motorbike, the huge shed, the conservatory, the greenhouse, the 100's of plants bought and simply left to die, the 2 or 3 complete revamps of his flat and the fucking Chickens haven't made him any happier either!

This is ego out of control. Buddha would have a field day! This person ain't just on the Wheel of Samsara, he's nailed to it. And much compassion to him, tho' sadly he has none for others.

"Today I have escaped from all trouble, or rather I have cast out all trouble, for it was not outside of me, but within, and in my opinions"(Aurelius)

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