Thursday, 14 October 2010


Sometimes, it has to be said, life makes you want to spit, right?
Just when you think you're landing your plane on the airfield of good fortune a fucking wing falls off. Or put another way, the light at the end of the tunnel that you've been looking for for so long turns out to be the flame of life's arc welder, making you a spanky new cage, the poverty trap.

Dear Bridie gave me an amp in 1977, a 1964 Fender. Having consulted the other party involved it was agreed we'd attempt to sell the it on eBay.
There's quite a bit of history connected to the amp. It played all the venues in the Punk era, and prior to that another friend used it with a showband for many years. Oh if only this amp could talk, what tales it would tell......and it would remember them better than me!

Anyways the bidding started at £150, jumped to £200, then £250, incredible! Final price? a wonderful £565!! Hallelujah and saints be praised!
So me and the mad Princess decide we'll package it up and ship it off. But I figure one last strum through the old gal, so I got my Strat and plugged it in. The familiar sound of valves humming met my ears and I fingered a jangly G chord.........then suddenly nothing! Sure the valves were still humming but no guitar. To say I was a little unsettled would be a major understatement, I'd just sold this ancient treasure for £565, and now the bastard wasn't working! Waaaah!!!
Remarkably I only wacked myself for a few minutes and decided no matter how many times I switched the amp on and off/changed the leads and guitar it wasn't going to repair its self, so I duly called the repair Dude. A chap who sure knows his stuff but as a human being his demeanour makes SuBo look like Charles Manson. Christ he's slow. So three days and £130 later, I ship the amp at a cost of £40. Final ker-ching for me from £565? £175.......

I am so grateful for small mercies. And I know the Youniverse loves me. I will retain the gratitude attitude but...... fuck my luck!!!
I believe, or let's say I have faith in Karma as the Cosmic law. But realistically its bollox. Cos in this day and age he who fucks the hardest wins. The bigger the motherfucker you are, the better you'll get on. I don't want it to be this way, but hey that's showbiz. And don't tell me it'll be better in the next life, cos I don't want a next life! And I may not get one......

Look at the planet. We are polluting and overpopulating it. There's so many wars we've lost count. The Muslims hate every body, the Catholics hate the Muslims and daily people die for their Buddhist, Christian and Hindu beliefs. And across the globe, not just in the Third world, people die from lack of food or clean water. And we call ourselves civilised? Where is Karma? Well it's not fucking up the people that are destroying our planet, that's for certain. Cos their rampage goes unabated, and continues to get worse. C'mon Karma, sort out these evil bastards! Oh, you say it's not God's will, or the timing simply isn't right. Ok well fuck off then!!!

Best not mention the tax people telling me they're going to bankrupt me for £340, then shortly after my chainsaw brake dying, then the saw itself spluttering to a dead state. Again I'll say, fuck my luck!!!